Three heros embark on en epic quest to find why their home is falling.

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Roleplay Regulations

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1 Roleplay Regulations on Mon May 04, 2015 4:15 pm


Here, the rules of the roleplay will be discussed. First and foremost, I must remind any visitors here that this forum is private, and only a selective few will be allowed to partake in this role play. That being said, this message is only to be read by them.

As you already know, a roleplay is a realistic exchange of posts in the form of a story. With that said, most, if not almost all, of your posts would have to be lengthy, and must conform with the basic rules of English literature and the narrations of which the story is based. For example the role play will be constructed in third person. You will not be able to, at any time (unless of course your character is in thought), alter this unless you are given permission to do so.  

Furthermore, there is another issue that must be confronted: activity. This forum will be created for the private use of us all, and we must engage in it. This issue will be explained in more detail down below (#Issue 2).

Now, onto the actual rules. These can be altered upon agreements at any time.

#1. Be Respectful.

We are all friends here. If one of you feel that there is something unfair with the way things were played out-by all means-take it up with one another. Posts are not permanent, and can easily be changed to suit one's satisfaction, and in this case-theirs, too.

If an agreement cannot be met upon, then I shall ask for the aid of a Higher Force to assist you all, in the name of the Lo-
No. I'm kidding. I'm sure we may all be able to be responsible for managing our own issues.

#2. Be Consistant.

There are a lot of rules regarding posts. In the forums, double posting would not be allowed; we need for one another's characters to be there in the same place as each other, otherwise it would be very challenging to manage.
Another issue that needs addressing is the order of which we post. We would need to alternate, and if one of us is inactive, the roleplay must also be inactive (there will be few exceptions, but the matter must be taken up with me).
That is why there is a strong need to stay on top of the story, otherwise it may never be completed, and will become a 'dead roleplay'.
We understand that we all have lives outside of Paratisii, we all have plans for this Summer, but we must put in some effort.

#3. Be Realistic.

Paratisii is a fictional story, as we are all aware, and there is room for plenty of wonderous elements and storytelling, but realism must be considered.
Many people may have the habit of inventive circumstances for their characters-and is by all means both necessary and encouraged-but expectations must be met.
Your characters are more than welcome to be very powerful and durable, but have it be at a standard that is human.. Characters 'can' die, and some may. Death is inevitable.
You may not God Mode. If you wish for your character to have some added factions, please, bring it up with the remaining of the group, so that we know what to expect from your character
in the future. Physics still apply-alas-and as does natural occurances. We must be flexible to all possible outcomes out characters may endure.

#4. Stay Focused.

I realize that your day was probably a really entertainging day, or you may have a story to tell. 'Please'...Do not place it into the roleplay at all. That is why the OOC is created.
The forum for Paratisii is for the sole purpose of the story, and not yours.

#5. Content.

This story will be M rated, meaning that there may/can be use of drugs, sexual executions, language, gore, and adult content. But, just because it is rated M does not mean that it is
entirely encouraged, only permitted. Although there remains a certain limit to the amount of content. For example, one may include a sexual realtionship,
though it doesnt make it necessary to inscribe in much detail how the character is feeling, and what is being done. I may remind you that this is a story,
and not a pornography. Keep in your mind the era of this story. Some curse words used in the now may not have been back then. This also applies to the rules of realism.

#6. Have Fun.

The rules are necessary, but offtimes they can apply better experiences. I adivce you all to follow and respect to the rules, and keep in mind that they
are not here to ruin your experience, but to enhance it. Have fun creating your story, but do not forsaken these laws set out to you.

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